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Increasing Personal Liability

The growing trend of increasing regulation and the continued judicial push towards more personal liability has many professionals worrying that they may not be appropriately covered.

Nursing malpractice coverage generally also provides defense coverage for any state board investigations or criminal proceedings. An employed RN or LPN can likely expect their employer, if financially sound, to cover the costs of any civil malpractice cases. However, a nurse will likely be on their own if their actions result in a board investigation or criminal proceedings. Because a disciplinary action on their license could be career ending, purchasing liability insurance that includes defense coverage is paramount. Health care reform and other evolving regulations are increasing the scrutiny on all caregivers, especially if they work with Medicare or Medicaid patients. Hiring a top notch attorney is not inexpensive, make sure you have proper coverage when you need it most.

Another worrying trend is courts holding providers personally liable for mistakes where historically they were shielded by the organization that employed them.  With nursing malpractice insurance policies starting at under $100 in most states for one million dollars of coverage many providers find the coverage to be a very smart investment.

NurseLiability.com is available to help nurses and other allied providers analyze the potential insurance options available and make a smart decision about how to best insure their potential liability.