Indiana Malpractice Rates

Indiana Malpractice Premiums for Full Time Employed Registered Nurses

Despite sharing a border with some of the worst malpractice states in the country, Indiana enjoys an extremely provider friendly legal environment. The state provides a patient compensation fund and those who participate are currently privy to a $1.25M absolute cap on damages. Nurses should ensure their employers are enrolled in the fund and those who run their own business need to purchase insurance through a broker who will enroll them. Indiana has a strong two year statute of limitations, except in the case of minors under six who have until their eight birthday to bring suit. The Indiana Supreme Court recently gave some leeway that lower courts can allow suits after two yeas if the medical condition prevents the patient from discovering the injury within two years (i.e. failure to diagnose cancer).  Those who enroll in the compensation fund are generally held only liable for their actions whereas those who are not can be held jointly and severally liable for the entirety of the damages.

$1,000,000/$6,000,000 Limit





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