Missouri Malpractice Rates

Missouri Malpractice Premiums for Full Time Employed Registered Nurses

Health care providers in Missouri have had a tough run recently with tort reform being overturned, the legislature has so far been unable to replace it. Missouri has a statute of limitations of two years for bringing medical malpractice claims. This rule does not apply to minors or to wrongful death (wrongful death claims have three years to file). In addition, claims involving foreign bodies retained from surgery have two years from discovery to file suit.

Missouri has modified joint and several liability, allowing those negligent to be assigned recoverable awards for those who were found less negligent than them.  Many Missouri hospitals and physicians are with unrated insurance carriers, nurses should ensure that those they work for and with are able pay for potential claims they may get pulled into.

$1,000,000/$6,000,000 Limit





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