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Increasing Liability for Nurse Practictioners

New York’s Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act, passed this month to be effective January 1st, 2015, makes the state the 20th to not require a supervising physician for nurse practitioners. The national trend has been to give more autonomy and more liability to mid-level providers. A CNA study of their claims data on nurse practitioners found that indemnity payments had increased from $186k in 2007 to $222k in 2011, this trend is expected to increase.

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants aren’t necessarily taking on more complicated procedures and duties, what’s changing is that the relationship with deep pocket physician groups and hospitals is lessening. When standing alone, the PA, CRNA or NP’s insurance is all that’s left to protect them.

When applying for insurance make sure to disclose any employment or contracted relationships to avoid denial of future claims, this will likely result in higher rates but it means coverage will be there when you need it most.

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