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Nurse Who Reused Needle Won’t Be Charged Criminally

A nurse who reused the same needle for 67 flu shots at a company wellness event won’t face criminal charges but still has to face the State Board of Nursing and could face civil lawsuits.

TotalWellness was brought into the New Jersey offices of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals for a wellness event that included free flu shots. Unknown to everyone until after the fact she used the same two needles on all the participants. The employees who were exposed have been notified and asked to be tested for HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B.

It has been announced that after an investigation the nurse won’t face criminal charges. However, the nurse is still likely facing a harsh disciplinary review by the state and civil lawsuits. The state can pull her license and the damages accessed by a court may not be covered by her employer.

Purchasing liability insurance can protect an individual nurse from the legal costs of protecting their license and any damages that come from being sued.

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