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Nurse Who Lost License for Discharge Still Fighting

While most nurses purchase insurance to protect against headline leading malpractice verdicts, the real value is often in the defense costs for board allegations.

A registered nurse in Maine, John Zablotny, was accused of discharging a disoriented patient in a snow storm in January 2009. That patient was found dead less than twenty feet from the hospital wearing only jeans, a flannel shit, socks and slippers. The 61 year old man had been brought to the hospital in an ambulance complaining of stomach pains.

After a professional hearing the state revoked the nurses license in June of 2010. He was also fined $1,500 and the cost of the hearing.

Complete details of the case can be found here.

Just this month the state decided to allow an appeal due the fact that Zablotny had not been allowed to call witnesses. The costs to defense and appeals can be astronomical, with your career and reputation on the line most professional want no expense spared. NurseLiability.com provides the information needed to secure the best insurance options to protect your nursing license.


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