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Nurses Using Smart Phones Increases Risk

BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) has become huge in the corporate world. After a decade of handing out blackberries to corporate citizens, companies are moving towards allowing employees to use their own devices on company networks. Studies showed that employees didn’t like carrying two devices and were more productive when allowed to use their preferred handset. The fall of RIM (Blackberry) and the rise of iPhone/Android/Windows Phone helped as well.

However, many companies are discovering that there are unseen risks in not controlling access points. Health care, in particular, is at a cross roads with this issue. As IT systems are pushed across health systems, many providers still communicate by text message or unsecured personal email. With HIPAA fines and state regulations increasing a misfired text or stolen phone can result in millions of dollars in fines.

Nurses and other providers are encouraged to password protect and encrypt their phones, which will make their contents inaccessible if lost of stolen. They should also seek explicit confirmation that they are allowed to communicate over text message and other non-official means. Doing so will help protect your personal liability.

A quick basic overview of phone encryption is here.

Information on nurse malpractice insurance is available on this great website.

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